Tuesday, December 16, 2014

more of cannery row

she spoke!
happy mural
morning wander
cocoa and sand
we sat for a while here
they don't call it cannery row for nothin'
We went to Monterey to wander around the Elkhorn Slough then Point Lobos. I added the aquarium to the mix so we extended out stay by one night. When we got up there we discovered that the Slough was closed on Mondays AND Tuesdays. What's up with that? We stayed on Cannery Row because it was convenient and had parking. I have to say the row is really touristy and has little that you would not find say in Morro Bay. Admittedly the Morro Bay Embarcadero is more happening with a smidge less cheese. Cannery Row though has the aquarium which is really cool, if not pricey. We did wander away from the row and found it fun if not closed up a bit. There is a lot more to do nature-wise if you plan for it and have the time (and better lungs than I). I'm glad we went even if I was a teeny-tiny disappointed. We will return to the are with a better plan. It's super pretty and some really awesome tortas can be found not too far away.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

we went on a wee trip...

Sadly, we a-go-gos simply did not go anywhere this year. Not really. Chalk it up to bad timing and my stinking allergies but we did manage to squeeze in two days up the coast to wander around the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Pt. Lobos, and ridiculously good Oaxacan/Mexican eats at La Tortuga Torteria in Seaside, California. So good we almost went back the next day for more but I had a hankering for a diner burger and was completely satisfied with the goods from the Nifty 50 Cafe also in Seaside. Here are some snapshots from the aquarium proper...because...cuttlefish!


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