The Big Trip

Want to read about the Big Trip right from the start? Here's your chance to browse all all the posts in chronological order and in bite size chunks.

Getting ready in February, March, and April of 2010:

Part one, at last we are on our way in May, 2010, traveling East across the big dry of the Southwest:

Part two, into the big green wet in June. We continue East to Congaree National Park crossing Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia:

Part three, North through the Carolinas and Virginia driving part of the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Part four, the big cities of the East, some not so big cities, and the 4th of July in rural Mass:

Part five, a too short week in Canada:

Part six, back in the U.S. of A., Michigan and Chicago:

Part seven, back to MO and into the corn:

Last part, lots of jumping with good clouds on the Oregon trail and racing home in August 2010:

That's all folks! There will be more adventures but The Big Trip will be the yardstick to measure them up. I doubt we'll ever have the circumstances to road trip for three months again... then again...


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