Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's in the bag

the adventure bag, don't go walkin' without it .
the adventure bag
You may have spotted this red and grey bag riding on my back in many of mrs. a-go-gos photos on the trail. Yes folks, that is the veritable Adventure Bag in all its glory. We do our best to keep this bag stocked and ready for the trail whether it's in the trunk or in the closet at home. It makes life easy when we have a spontaneous need to get out for a day hike or when an unexpected state park pops up where the road leaps over the next hill.

The adventure bag keeps us hydrated, supplied with snacks, soothes boo-boos and insect bites, and helps keep mrs. a-go-gos pants up when she has to pee in the woods. So what's in the magical bag of tricks?
yellowstone adventure bag
Here's the standard stuff that lives in the bag:
*small flashlight (maglite)
*pocket knife (Get one with a knife that is at least 2 inches. The more gizmos on your knife the better but my favorite has a three inch blade, can opener, bottle opener/flat blade screwdriver, and an awl[you'd be surprised how many holes I have had to poke through things with this.] It doesn't have to be a Victorinox but if it's a cheapie make sure the blade won't fold on you when you need it.)
*a compass (learn to use one folks)
*2 whistles (we wear these when out walking, never know when you need to make a loud noise)
*one pen and one pencil (the old wood style) and a small note book
*a few wet wipes (hate the packaging but every little once in a while we need 'em)
*a couple of used plastic bags for picking up trail trash
*a small magnifying glass (we have a 2 inch all plastic one for tiny things on the map and for seeing bugs and splinters)
*a tiny sewing kit (the kind that some motels still provide, but all you need is a good needle and some thread)
*matches (something water proof, I have a little sealed metal cylinder with about twelve strike anywhere matches)
*two bandannas (for all sorts of things, when it's hot get it wet and tie it on your neck, napkin, bandage, mask for cold wind [no joke, this got me through the day up on top of Mt. San Antonio last year], and to tie up your hair when it gets all sweaty and ick.
*small bottle of hand sanitizer
*a small emergency water filter (we have one of the straw types that you can sip through)
*a space blanket
*lip balm
*first aid kit (moleskin for hot spots [remember to put it on before you get a blister], small tweezers, a mess of band aids, some small antiseptic packets, some hydrocortizone for bites and itches, one of those bite sticks like biteMD, and some pain pills whatever is your favorite)
*two nylon windbreakers (these are compact and are great to throw on as a wind shell, but do bring some other warm layer too, we like to have a synthetic fleece something or other)
*durable snacks (gum, nuts, fruit leather, or granola bars)
*some TP and/or a pack of tissues
*last but not least, a pee-style for the ladies and some sort of zip lock bag to keep it in.

Before we step out on the trail we add full water bottles, lunch, a map if we are going far, the cell phone, and the gorilla pod (a compact tripod, mrs. a-go-go keeps the camera on her shoulder) and we are on our way. Don't forget that extra warm layer or a sun shirt, and do wear your hat and sun glasses.
another sighting of the adventure bag
Put a bag together. It'll yell, "Go on! walk up that hill!" the next time you see an inviting meadow.


  1. This post made me realize just how unprepared I really am. I would have joined the Boy Scouts, but the meetings interfered with my reading. I am going to ask my mum for one of those packs.

  2. Mum says I can get the pack on the condition I will use it on hikes composed of terrain other than asphalt or concrete... not sure if I'm "man" enough.

  3. Went on a trial hike this weekend... not man enough. So it's true, you can be thin and out of shape!



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