Thursday, August 2, 2012

the ukulele style

the leader of the pack

a nice crowd

mister sings along

A few weeks ago, the mister, nephew, a sister a-go-go, and I headed out to Baywood Park to hang out with the Baywood Ukulele Social Club. After lunching on yummy sandwiches at The Back Bay Cafe, we headed out to the lawn near the bay to lay out a pair of blankets before settling down for the entertainment. Jim D'Ville, our fearless leader, is a right nifty uke leader. He teaches you to play by ear and encourages even the lamest of us uke players (I'm refering to myself here) to play along. Mister and I did not bring our ukes but will definitely bring them along for the August meeting if we haven't left for our mini road trip. Ukuleles are still proving to be the hipster instrument. Check out your city to see if there is a social club floating about, you never know.


  1. Love-love-love the Mighty Uke!
    Fun for all... even the lamest (I'm referring to myself, here!)



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