Tuesday, March 4, 2014

on the rinconada trail

We a-go-gos managed to get up for a hike after not hiking for far too long. We drove up to Santa Margarita and along highway 58 to the Rinconada Trail in the Los Padres National Forest. it's not difficult (I could muster it...somewhat) but it does start you off going up, up, up. Phew!

This was before the rain so who knows what it looks like right now. I like the colors in the grass. With all the up, up, up it was nice to have a few resting places for those of us with sad lungs.
 We didn't continue once we hit this summit of sorts. It was a bit gustier than usual and my wheeze was a bit wheezier. It was beginning to warm up and well...I got hungry.
 Eee! I love fat little acorns. There were acorns everywhere and surprisingly we did not hear many birds. Go figure.
 The gate was locked but you can step through on the left there. Just past the gate is where the big oak tree was. It was open and really pretty. Windy and gusty as well but really pretty.
The view as you near the top is ridiculously pretty. This is not a summertime hike as there is not much trail shade. We did this hike two weeks ago and it got warm even though it was a bit early in the morning. I got a bit too much glare in the photos but it was clear enough to see layers and layers of hills, valleys, and trees. Going back down was actually more trying for me than going up. It is semi-steep, easy to traverse, not too much loose rock...I just have middle-aged knees. Once we made it back to the small parking lot, we refilled out water bottles and headed out for a breakfast burrito from Frank's in SLO.

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