Sunday, March 8, 2015

drought resistant wildflowers and the best taco ever

In Santa Margarita there is a place that is a wee bit famous for its wildflower show. Back in 2010 9t was stunning but that was the last time we had a good rainy season. Last year we went in search of wildflowers and all we found were cows. This year, we had a smidge of rain and a lot of sun and since we kept seeing lupines off the highway we thought we would head out to see what we could find.

With not a cow in sight we managed to find small pretty patches of wildflowers. Enough to make us wander around looking for more at least. There were tidy tips, poppies, and a bunch I do not know the names of.
There was also frost and birds. The birdsong was remarkable, woodpeckers, meadowlarks, sparrows, and more. Well worth the drive.
We were the only folks out there and it was divine having it to ourselves. We spent maybe an hour amongst the flora and fauna then headed out Shell Creek Road to Hwy 41 where there were more flowers.
It was nearing 11am and we had been out since 6:30 so it was decided that it was time for lunch. We headed to the coast and hit up one of the best taco places ever. Good times.
It has since rained a bit more. I bet there are even more flowers now. We may need to go back.


  1. You have California Figwort or Bee Plant (Scrophularia californica), Purple Owl's Clover (Castilleja exserta), and Fiddlenecks (Amsinckia spp.).

    1. ooh! ooh! I know owl's clover and fiddleneck....which is the bee plant? there was also a pale blue flower with white...small low ground cover type...

  2. Figwort is the purple little flowers. I would have to see the other flower, but maybe Baby Blue Eyes or Bird's Eye Gillia or something?

  3. Maybe those aren't Figwort, maybe they are other poppies? I am having a hard time determining the scale.



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