Monday, March 1, 2010

testing, testing....

To prepare for our little meeting with the folks who handle Kia's marketing on Tuesday we decided to go have a Soul test drive to compare the base model and the Soul+. The picture here is something mrs. a-go-go spotted on our test drive route, in case yer wonderin' what it has to do with this post. Anyhow, we have been asked to nail down exactly what Soul we would most want and with what features so that they can determine what kind of deal they can offer. After our comparison test drive we like the Soul+. There are two things that sealed the choice. First, the base model does not offer cruse control. That is something we can live with out but for the trip we are planning it will be a big help. Being able to relax and stretch that right foot on long stretches of lonely road is a big +. Second, after a peek under the hood we found that the base model's smaller engine does not have the magic exhaust manifold on the engine. The Soul+ as I mentioned in an earlier post from our first visit with the car, has an excellent space for engine cooking on top of the exhaust manifold with lots of head room for small backpacking pots. So, if a base model is all we can get into, we'll take it fer sure, but a Soul+ will make life sweet. Again, we'll see what comes of all this on Tuesday, and with a little luck and your crossed fingers we'll be on our way with Soul.


  1. Don't even mention the lesser Soul. Just upfront tell them how you will use the Soul+ and how you will demonstrate to others how to do the same thing you are doing. You need to show them that your experience will be useful for others and that people will be willing to buy a Kia Soul to do likewise.

  2. If you email me a few points you would like emphasized, I will totally write you a testimonial.



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