Monday, March 29, 2010

still waiting

Gads, I haven't had the time to post in a long while. I have been way too busy to finish the story of our trip to Portland. I hope to get back to that soon. Meanwhile, here's the continuing saga of our search for a vehicle.

Our time is getting short. Soon, I'll have to bite the bullet and do the necessary work on our old Rav4. Last week I sent a new message to the Kia folks suggesting that we would have to move on soon. This got our proposal into the hands of the person in charge of the Kia account. That is great, but he tells me they are still considering the idea. I hope they come to a conclusion soon. I have to make an appointment in the next couple of days for the timing belt and valve adjustment work next week.

Then I figured it was worth a shot to send one more message to the Ford folks. They said the best they could do was a "VIP" price on a Transit Connect. That's the dealer cost plus four percent or about $20,000. Too rich for our funds.

OK Rodney, I hope you're up to the task. (Rodney is the Rav4 by the way.)


  1. Four percent seems very steep. That's the regular markup for a car, some dealers even go two to three percent markup. Perhaps, due to the economy, they are needing a higher percentage on each sale due to lower sales volume. Can you counter with $15k? Especially since you would be doing PR for them?

  2. i wish! putting up 10k is still eating into our savings in a major way...if we did 15 we wouldn't have any moolah left for the trip...sigh...

    we do enjoy Rodney...



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