Monday, April 5, 2010

waiting no more...

Kia didn't come through so we will be putting a whole lotta faith in our little RAv. wish us luck and if you by any chance find a Kia Soul+ or a Transit Connect for 10k let us know.

(and yeah, we're bummed in a BIG WAY. it's kinda sad that so many people in our world get away with manipulations and con jobs and then get all sorts of support while people (yes, like us) who go about their lives carefully and with thoughtful purpose get short changed more often than not. i'm not saying that KIA should have sold us a car for 10k but wouldn't it be nice if for a change, we simple folk got a break once in awhile?)

the countdown is one! we leave in less than five weeks! aack!


  1. I know that you don't know me -- but if you need a place to stay in Toronto -- let me know :)

  2. Man, that sucks but I'll bet Rodney won't let you down. I saw my first real-life Transit Connect the other day and went off on a tirade about how foolish Ford is to not work out a deal with you. Sigh.

  3. Well, they had their chance to turn some folks (aka me) & they lost out. If Kia would've helped y'all I would have considered them for my next car. I happen to have a RAV myself - we're a Toyota family. I hope Rodney can get fixed up super duper, good as new. Have you thought of a small camper. If I had a million dollars I would buy you a camper ;) Too bad I can't send you a car from here, there are all sorts of good used "wohnmobil"s here in your price range, if time wasn't running out I'd say check out VW. Sorry they are butts.

  4. I agree with Foof4e. I own a Honda CRV. If Kia had taken up this opportunity with you guys I would have seriously consider them for my next car. Their lost.

  5. So sorry to hear this. I really thought both companies would see how dialed in you guys are to the popular media sites, and see your trip documented in words and pictures would be a really cost effective form of advertising for them.

    Well, hope Rodney is up for a trip of a lifetime! BT and I have been considering getting an old VW camper. May not be the best vehicle for a cross country trip, but they are so super easy to fix. BT bought one for $200 that made it from LA to Anaheim several times per week for the three years we were dating!

  6. man, i hate that two deserving people are feeling so disappointed right now.but there must be better things in store for you both. maybe that car money will be used in a way you can't even imagine at this moment. i think so!the reason for all of this just hasn't been revealed to you yet. how exciting!

  7. Kia and Ford = zero

    a-go-goes = one

  8. my husband thinks your little Rav will make it if it is in good shape. I'll tell you cousin who is a great mechanic (since he was a kid he has tinkered with all things mechanical) loves toyotas and hondas for reliability. of course, these days...not so much...but you don't have to worry about that. just keep the oil changed.

  9. oh man! I'm so sorry to hear that the Kia didn't come through. I have a lot of faith in Rodney and I'm sending all my best wishes for a smooth and easy trip!!

    I can't wait to see you here in Portland. Please come stay as long as you can, and let me know what else I can do to help along the way -



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