Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cook's Tortas, yum!

We sold what we could at Saturday's yard sale and are madly packing up what is left. After spending the morning stuffing boxes we thought we'd knock one item off our list of places in Los Angeles that we have never managed to visit. So, for lunch we took time off to try out Cook's Tortas in Montery Park.

I am so glad we did. Cook's Tortas is a delight. I had the #61, or Zacatecas, and it is the first torta that has measured up to my very first torta years ago at a long gone stand, Tortas Pancho. My first torta there was just about the bestest, juciest, roasted green pepper zingiest, fresh avocado and tomato chompiest, toasted on the greasy grill crunchiest sandwich ever. My memory of that torta is probably blown out by it being the first revelation of what chorizo could do but I have to say that the torta I sampled at Cook's today gave that tasty memory a run for the money. At Cook's the bread was tasty-chewy with a nice toasted crunch, the chorizo seco was tangy and sloppy with red juice, and the avocado and pico de gallo added up to a big messy delight that had to be scooped with a fork from the wrapper. What tortas are on offer each day changes so if you go you may not see the Zacatecas on the board, but there were many other combinations (including a few vegetarian options) that gave me a Pavlovian rush just reading the menu. mrs' a-go-go had the Mohito. We sampled each other's and her's was good but it didn't have the out-of-control charm of the Zacatecas. The tortas come with a small side and we chose the caprese and the potato salad, both were nice counters to the tortas. To wash it down we had two flavors of aguas frescas, delightful lightly sugared fruity drinks mixed up daily.

I can't recommend Cook's Tortas enough and it is now high on our list of things we'll miss in LA. We'll have to go for another taste on our first return visit after the Big Trip. Until then, if you're in LA, I hope you'll go try out these super-bomb sandwiches. [Ced if you're reading this, get crackin'. You have alot of good food to get out and try.]


  1. Yeah, Ced! Get out there and eat some good stuff!!!!

  2. I love Cook's Tortas! Going to miss you guys :(

  3. You express your love for Cook's Tortas like I wish a man would express his love for me! Humpf! wish I had a Torta!



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