Thursday, April 29, 2010

the great pack up: part one

this may be the only part. i think we a-go-gos are just about burnt out on this whole packing scheme. on sunday, i remember taking a look around the tiny casa and telling mr. a-go-go that i thought we'd be done on wednesday. we pick up the truck tomorrow and let's just say we ain't done. aack!the sofa a-go-go moved out last week and we made do with rickety camp chairs. while they were far from a good napping sit, they satisfied after a long day of clearing out stuff and boxing up all sorts of wackiness.yesterday, in preparation for the bulk pick-up we called in, mr. a-go-go dismantled the bed. he built the frame many years ago so that we (um, i) could store boxes and boxes of records, crafty wares and such underneath. he took a couple days to design and build it but taking it apart only took about half and hour with his trusty secondhand drill.the tiny casa is looking kind of sad now. last night we slept on the mattress as it lay puddled on the floor. mister wedged a piece of cardboard between our new "bed" and the wall to keep us from jabbing a finger into the outlet while we slept. not exactly thrilled with the loss of the bed, i took a page from nikki's book and doodled up a sharpie headboard of sorts. not perfect or even close to her niftiness but add some vintage pillowcases and a mister made duvet cover and yer in for a good night's sleep.or maybe that was just the exhaustion...


  1. I feel your exhaustion! After our big move back from South of the Border last year I am still picking up the pieces. **You do have the most wonderful & colorful bed linens. Safe travels.

  2. Packing is so stressful.

    **I love yer cardboard headboard!**

  3. just saw the pics of your empty tiny casa... somehow it put a lump in my throat.

    i've never been there in RL, but i've visited it a hundread times though. it makes me sad to see it empty, i must admit.

    i wish you all the best for this big adventure... lot's of happy moments & fun... friendship & love on your way.

    i'll follow you virtually! :)

    safe travels!
    take care!



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