Tuesday, April 20, 2010

we're still planning

we've been trying to get things ready for a garage sale here and then there was the whole insurance fiasco which has been sort of straightened out. so we have not been contacting our friends and map folks. the first week of May will be for really nailing down the route and getting all contact info from and to you. believe, it's all we think about. we have maps upon maps upon maps. there is even an excel spreadsheet hat details the dates, days, mileage and driving time. don;t worry, there will be lots of room for wandering but so many of our friends aren't free until the weekends so we a-go-gos need to get creative in our driving and campouts.

can i say how freaking excited we are? seriously! we were worried up until...oh...this morning that things might not happen as i had pretty much been invade by allergens. yesterday i got to have all sorts of breathing treatments and tests and i am now on a new regimen that already has my peak flow up. the color of my skin is better, the texture of my hair is no longer strawlike, the alien beings in my lungs are jumping ship, i actually slept last night and i can walk across the street without panting like a 120 year old, old lady. phew!

so, if you are on our map, i promise we are not being flaky. we are wrapping up details here in the casa. mr. a-go-go's last day of work is this friday. satruday is the garage sale, next week we (he) packs packs packs. next friday, the truck is loaded up and we meet friends for a going away dinner. saturday, may 1st, we drive up the coast at the crack of dawn so we can make it to the boy-a-go-go's softball game, the sunday after i get to check out this nifty soiree and the rest of the week is for mapping, contacting, sewing up loose ends (literally), tuning up Rodney and then, we drive back down to L.A. for an overnight stay and after that, we're off...to our first stop, an overnight camp out in Joshua Tree.

are you tired yet?


  1. it looks like a really cool trip! I don't know if you'll be taking the same roads back or going around, but if you make it to NYC, you are welcome to camp in our studio.

    Also helpful for non outdoor camping is couchsurfing.com and, if you want to pay a little money (which is still better then paying a lot of money for hotels) airbnb.com

  2. Good luck with the final stages of planning! I'm looking forward to joining you both along the way! (well at least in spirit anyway!) xx



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