Sunday, February 7, 2010

drive! sock monkey drive!

We couldn't help but notice that Kia will be running an advertisement during the Superbowl showing a sock monkey (and friends) driving a Sorento. I love the disclaimer in the picture. It doesn't mention the hazards of letting your sock monkey drive. If you watch the advertisement at the link above you'll probably notice that the flavor is not quite the a-go-gos, but I can't help thinking that Kia couldn't get closer to real sock monkeys driving the Soul than having the a-go-gos drive the Soul 20,000 miles across North America in three months. Case in point:
For years I have been making unique sock monkeys as gifts for mrs. a-go-go, each based on a recognizable sculpture. Add to that the hundreds of armless spazimals I've cranked out and we've got an unstoppable army of sock plush toys. They all thought I was crazy, but who will be laughing when I rule the world? Huh?! Yeah that's what I though... Not to mention that mrs. a-go-go really IS a sock monkey.

We make idiot costumes and take them to silly places for photo opportunities. Who but a couple of real live sock monkeys would get married jumping off a fountain? (and who else could pull it off for less than $600 including the dress and rings?)

We may not be stuffed with fiberfill or some other fluff but we are truly full of beans.

Heck, we jump everywhere we go. We're silly, we're creative, we're adorable, squishy, fun, and spazy. Couldn't get closer if we were made of socks.

Now for some shameless cross promotion: We have had some initial positive response about our Big Trip from the marketing company working for Kia that put together the new Superbowl spot. No promises and it's all very preliminary but I really appreciate the responsiveness. So, if you are reading this and you are a sports fan or just happen to watch the game I hope you will vote for Kia's spot and throw them some positive feedback for doing something fun. Here's a place where you can do just that:

Ad Blitz

And if you're not watching the game you can see the advertisement and send postcards from here. Take a look. It's silly.

Confidentially... sock monkeys don't really ride jet skis (the one in the commercial clearly was coerced), but mark my word, put one on a toboggan and get out of the way!

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