Monday, February 1, 2010

Kia is on the ball!

Wow! the folks at Kia called to reassure us that they had received my message on their "contact us" web page, and the folks who handle Kia's marketing took the time to let me know that they would take a look at the idea we are pitching. None of this means that they will want to be a part of our Big Trip and they may still decide that we are nuts but it's great to at least know that they will consider it. It took some time with Ford before I could even tell if they had received our queries. After all that I am very impressed that the folks at Kia are so on the ball and responsive. So fingers crossed folks. Maybe they will like us, I mean REALLY like us.


  1. That is such good news!

    (And, how can they *not* like you? I mean, really.)

  2. Good News!!! And just when things were looking grim! I've been hearing all sorts of great things about Kia lately... they are sounding better all the time!



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