Wednesday, February 24, 2010

trying to cram it all in

it was my birthday yesterday and when asked what i wanted to do, i simply couldn't decide. we're leaving in two months. two months! and we're not just leaving on our trip, we're leaving los angeles. like mr. a-go-go said, l.a. has got some good eats and fun places to visit.

is it sad to admit that celebrations are all about food? and when you have such great choices around you, how do you choose? i feel like i need to cram them all in before we leave. you know, not just go once but go two or three times. so when i was asked i had to think. and think. and think.

would we hit the valley and get french fries at Dagla's?

or should we roam around India Sweets & Spices and get cheap veggie curries?

and i know we just had banh mi but stacey had never had banh mi and i really do love that chocolate dipped strawberry at Fosselman's.

oh wait, what about Blue Hen? they have such delicious food. organic, locally grown and all that jazz plus their turmeric fries are pretty tasty.

which made me think of pho but mr. a-go-go wouldn't be accompanying me and i feel bad getting pho without him.

switching back to sandwiches i thought maybe we should go to Porto's for cheese rolls and cubanos. Porto's also makes excellent coffee but it is so close i think i'll pick something up there next week. potato balls anyone?

i just couldn't decide so i opted to play outside of the city. sort of. instead of Dagla's or Blue hen or Ba Le, i decided we should go thrift shopping in Covina. at the magic thrift. where i scored a technicolor afghan, a handful of doilies and a bag of porcelain bunny heads (thank you stacey!).

and for lunch, since we were driving through Pasadena and i had a craving for pie, we parked ourselves at Pie 'N Burger and enjoyed a classic that rivals In N' Out any day. oh soooo good.

for dinner it was thai food ordered from a local place not a favorite but worked out fine (note to local place, you need to update your prices on your website). when you're happy with thai iced tea, sate and kang ka ree it's pretty easy to find adequate thai.

seriously l.a., i am going to miss your culinary options. big time. oh and i just remembered, why didn't i think of macarons? i've always wanted to try Paulette. phew! it's a good thing they do mail order.


  1. You are making me hungry.

    You must be in a flurry getting ready. I can't imagine planning the big trip AND relocation at the same time!

    Think about relocating to the midwest. You could have a HUGE garden!

  2. Love your choices! I'll take some potato balls (papa rellenas) My fave from Portos! I envy you for being so close. And yes, like you, my world revolves around food and where to get it.

  3. I would have gone to the magic thrift, too! I will take you to my version of the magic thrift when you come here on your I scored a 60s sheet (for a duvet cover) and a vintage pyrex mixing bowl in the dutch girl pattern. Life is grand.

    And happy birthday again my friend!!

  4. Oh, I do love those daglas fries.

  5. Yummmmmmmm so much food! Better to have too many tasty snack options than not enough!

    I'm so looking forward to the photos and fun stuff that you'll find on your roadtrip too!

  6. Happy Birthday, and good luck on your adventure!

  7. I'm salivating :)
    I am SO looking forward to your trip (it feels like I'm coming too! Am I ? :))
    I can't wait to hear all about it via your's so exciting! xoxox

  8. I'll bet you find some stellar thrifting on this trip. Thrifting that makes even magic thrift look a bit less magical!

  9. Jek, I was doing so well NOT thinking about things I miss from home. Uggh, I am staying strong. {No tom}

    Happy belated birthday. It makes my tummy hurt that 39 will be slapping me on the forehead next.

    All I can say is "WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Some more of us are escaping from L.A." You both are {hopefully} gonna love it out here {where-ever the road takes you}. I feel 1,000 times better and adjusted since I've left the only home I've known {and this is saying a ton}.

    Happy trails to you.

  10. Hey you a-go-gos !!! Your trip is of Interest to me and your blogs are cool!!!




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