Thursday, February 4, 2010

team a-go-go (how we roll)

i like to think that mr. a-go-go and i share an equal amount of the work it takes in planning a road trip but truthfully, i'm not so sure. i think he does more. much more. at least, he's much better at the planning part than i am. i would be perfectly happy picking a road and just noodle along but he, with his engineer brain does things like estimate mileage and um...reading maps.

me? i'm not so good with the map reading. but i'm learning. even with the maybe or maybe not equal planning of our road tripping mr. a-go-go and i strike a nifty balance to it all. he is a linear thinking and a planner and i'm a daydreamer with an eye for pretty. so while he gets us from one place to another in one piece (and with plenty of gas), i make sure we have fun and good eats. some people think that two people nestled inside a car for hours and hours on end may result in tensions but when you have a list of places to stop off at for quirky photo ops, pretty skies, npr podcasts, homemade gingerbread, hot water boiling on your engine and a couple of pairs of stripey socks, how could you not have a smile on your face?

when it comes to driving we kind of share the experience. if i know we're going to be passing giant artichokes and such, he drives so i can snap, snap, snap away at the scenery with my trusty powershot. if our destination is tricky and we need to keep checking the map, i drive so we turn the turns mr. a-go-go determines from his excellent map reading skills. but don't get me wrong, sometimes mr. a-go-go plays the role of fun captain as well. if it weren't for him. i would never have seen the Amboy Shoe Tree or The Wig-Wam Motel.

he preps a notebook full of details and distances, i prep a notebook of diner stops and old motels. he writes out the supply list and i pack for a pretty sleep. he plans the meals, i provide the snacks. he keeps us safe on the road and i keep the ipod loaded. we couldn't have asked for a better partnership. go team a-go-go!


  1. sounds like a perfect pairing. : )


  2. one of my favorite a-go-go posts everrrrr.

  3. thank you sweetie sweets! this WAS a good post and this is how we roll. now i want to take a trip. just a little one. ;)



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