Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one pho the money...

When we head off on the Big Trip we are figuring that we won't be returning to Los Angeles. We need to find a new place to plant our feet, and Los Angles is just too dern expensive. There are things I'll miss here, and near the top of the list is the variety of food. Furthermore, near the top of the list of food is pho. I have been a fan of this Vietnamese soup since my first sip. It is an unparalleled cold day meal, but I like it any time. I'll risk being corrected here and say that it's pronounced fuh. I'm sure there is a subtle sound in there that I can't hear or pronounce, but that is the best transliteration that I can make based on hearing it uttered by a Vietnamese friend.

Our favorite place, Pho Huynh, (so far, we're always sampling new ones) is in El Monte, and requires a half hour drive from us. It's worth it. The majority of patrons at the place are Vietnamese, and I figure that's a good sign. It's family style seating at long tables, cash only, and when it's busy you may feel like they are itching for you to finish up and make room for the next hungry group. None the less we come back for more.

A good bowl of pho is a delight. The hot broth could stand on its own. Add lime juice, tear up some leafy Vietnamese basil like herb, stir up your choice of meat (or no meat), and dig in. When my bowl comes I don't even take a breath until I am at least half way through the noodles and have slurped up a belly full of broth.

Los Angeles isn't the only place to find pho, and we are researching places to find it on our trip. It will be hard to replace the pho I know.


  1. how will you make soup on the road?

  2. I've been visiting via your scrumdillydilly blog, and I haven't seen the answer to one particular question: where will the witchbaby stay??? I can't imagine she's a traveller (maybe? that would be So Cool!)

    I spent the year from 18-19yo travelling in a van with two friends and a drum kit (yes, it was crowded). So excited to see what you and the Mr. do with your trip!

  3. The witchbaby will be moving in with family in San Luis Obispo for the durration of our trip.



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