Monday, August 9, 2010

books and booth

7/19 Quimby's
after our trek to the french market, we hopped a train and traveled to wicker park where we dawdled a bit here and a bit there. we had planned to hit the Intuit but forgot about that whole Museums-being-closed-on-Mondays bit. so off we went in search of some good reads and a photobooth.

it's a good thing there is such a place as Quimby's. Quimby's a small neighborhood bookstore that packs a little wallop with its selection of funky fiction, zines and art books. they even carry a smidge of children's titles so there is something for everyone (especially for us a-go-gos).if only we had a bigger budget and in the car, we would have picked up a read or two in this happy tiny space. their selection is pure Quimby's, a mix of this and array of that and perhaps even a few things you might want to be sure yer ready for before you crack that spine. instead, we opted for a photobooth strip or two as that was more in our budget and it takes up very little room.yup, you read that right. Quimby's not only carries books and zines and magazines it has an old school photobooth that mostly functions AND a box of props to make yer strip that much more spunky.

we opted for no props as i had my good friend Thuy with me and it was the first time i got her in the booth, whoo-hoo! so we plopped ourselves down. came up with a plan and fed our money to the booth-monster.out popped a strip that was so delightful, we all three crammed ourselves in for another round.yay for indie bookstores, booths and good friends!

**Quimby's also has a blog and Thuy is one of the nifty folk behind The Chicago Underground Library. check it out their blog here. it's pretty cool.

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  1. I love the smell of old books, not sure what that says about me, but drop me off at a bookstore, especially an independent, and I'm good. I can't believe I missed this post.



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