Saturday, August 7, 2010

folk art at the intuit

if only we had more time and moolah we would have planned an outsider art road trip along with everything else. in chicago we hit up the Intuit Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.if you haven't noticed yet, we a-go-gos are BIG fans of outsider art. at the Intuit we got to see, up close and personal, the wonderful drawings of Charles Steffen. Steffen had a most unique talent for the human form that is at once cartoonish and delightfully sincere. even with his one eyed people, i found myself entranced.the back room of the center features and exhibit on Peter Anton who i found to be joyfully colorful and quirky. while i enjoyed Steffen's drawings a bit more, i enjoyed Anton's story more and was happy to see the many scrapbooks that Anton kept to document his life on display. there was also a nifty shelf full of video tapes that he decorated with an assortment of materials. another delightful outsider artist to add to my list to research. to learn more about Peter Anton, sign up for the email list at up was a peak into the Henry Darger room, an attempt at recreating what Darger's apartment may have looked like using many of his personal objects and items. Darger is another outsider worth taking a look at. i recommend a viewing of In the Realms of the Unreal to get a better idea of what he was about.the Intuit may be a tiny space but it uses its space wisely and is full of color and a gift shop! if yer ever in Chicago, don't miss it.


  1. As a huge fan of art of all mediums this post is among my top 5 favorite posts, love the video tapes. Now I'm off to read about Henry Darger, too bad his last name isn't Danger. Be safe.

  2. Today as my hubby and I finished our road trip from Washington through Oregon to Idaho and back to Utah I thought of your journey. It made me take the time to stop and enjoy what some of the small towns had to offer. And while we were ready to be home (we had three kiddos in the backseats with us!) it was fun to be able to share your journey in our own road trip conversations :)

  3. Domenico, get thee to some outsider art galleries if you can, they are especially cool.

    susan, oh fun! i hope you had a wonderful trip and i hope the kiddos did too! thank you.



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