Saturday, August 14, 2010

murals murals murals!

7/24 Jefferson City and the Sate Capitol (but first, an introduction of sorts)

after many many years, i (mrs. a-go-go) finally, finally got to meet Clara, one of my favorite nervousness pals. Clara is an amazingly funny, witty and kooky artist. she can sew, stitch, quilt and art up just about anything. i bug her all the time to make me her fabulous flower pins that it then almost keep instead of giving them as gifts like i intended. she does tie dye that is above and beyond what you would expect of tie dye and she has an eye for vintage decor that makes me swoon.Being a gal who was born and raised in Jeff City (as the locals called it) she thought it would be a nifty idea for us to take a wander through the capitol building. we had heard from a few people, articles and blogs that the murals there were quite interesting, so we agreed. donning hats and sunscreen we wandered out into the shiny bright sun to become one with the ever present humidity. at least, we did our best as clara taxi-d us across town to see the sites.the capitol building was built in 1917 and is open to the public. for reals, you can waltz right in a and check out the various displays that detail the history of the are during the civil war. there are dioramas, old uniforms and slave narratives set up for you to investigate and study.if you stand in the center of the main hall and look up you will see an amazing (and enormous) chandelier (that replaced an older one in 2006 when THAT one chose to be one with gravity and freed itself from the ceiling to greet the floor with a clanging and somewhat shattering kiss). you will also see the next two stories of the building and with a smidge and a peek of the murals that cover the walls all about.we trekked up stairs to checkout the murals in search for the ones that MOVE. or rather, they shift. there were three that we found. there may be more, i don't know. the murals are everywhere and we trekked up another floor to see even more. some were even painted by N.C. Wyeth.more than the paintings, clara and i became entranced with the wall mounted yearbook of offices and positions held from 1945 to the present. we made up our own game of where's waldo in search of female and african american representatives.after that we checked out the bronzed busts all over the pace discussing whether or not Walt Disney deserved one as he only lived in Missouri for a short childhood stint and why were most all the women presented performers (save for Laura Ingalls Wilder)?we spent quite a time in the building and were pleasantly surprised to find it so interesting. outside, we were somewhat blinded by the afternoon sun so only snapped a pic or two of the statues that flanked the building. it was bright, it was hot and we were hungry! yay for falafel and ice cream!

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  1. Oh! the architecture... Wow! I'm going to have some sweet dreams tonight. Be safe.



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