Sunday, August 15, 2010

box o' cookies and barbecue on buns

7/24 from Jefferson City to Kansas City to Onawa, Iowa

Our visit to Jefferson City was short but sweet. After breakfast and a session of jump photos with our Missouri hosts we had to make our way to Iowa by nightfall. Our first stop on the way was Kansas City where had to hit Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies.
We had not found lunch yet so Ice Cream would have to wait but a box of cookies would keep until after lunch (but we had to have at least a sample on the way... the snickerdoodles were tasty chewy and the ginger cookie was gooey with icing.)
Before we could dig into the rest of the cookies it was time for barbecue. Now I hope folks won't take issue with our choice for Kansas City barbecue, I know it is a subject that may raise tremendous differences of opinion. We took a shot in the dark and hit what seemed to be a very popular place for lunch, Gates Bar-B-Q. We were hustled through the line and on the advice of the staff we had the beef brisket sandwiches. Tasty, a little sweet, a little spice, and quite tender. All around a fine lunch. Gates provides big 'ol pump style vats of three kinds of sauce so you can make your sandwich as sloppy and as spicy as you like (and have a bit to dip yer fries). Mmmm.
Again, I'm sure there are many other barbecue places in Kansas City and I'm sure many of them would be recommended over Gates by this or that person but It seems we hit at least a good medium based on the boisterous crowd that joined us for lunch.
Our bellies full and our lips tingling with spice (and a few more cookies from the Murray's box) we headed north to Onawa, Iowa. There we found the Blue Lake Koa campground. This was our first camp out in some time. Our stint in the north east was spent mostly visiting generous people who provided us with a place to sleep. We had not pitched the tent since Jefferson National Forrest in Virginia. The day was hot but the evening next to the lake was cool and breezy. The jet skies on the lake were a bit annoying but the breeze kept the mosquitoes down and the Koa gave us a chance to do laundry. All around a pleasant stay.


  1. Murrays! I know that both Jon and Dale will be delighted to know that you made a special stop at Murrays! Are the ginger cookies as good as they say?

  2. jeff says they're pretty good if not a little too sweet. they're chewy, that's for sure!

  3. Is it a grown up thing to wait to have ice cream after lunch? Or do you guys just have incredible restraint? I'm impressed. Be safe.

  4. who said anything about ice cream? we bought cookies before lunch and we even ate some.

  5. You just may be the perfect example of adults.



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