Sunday, January 10, 2010

again with the transit?!

I went and fiddled with the image of the Transit Connect in Photoshop. Am I obsessed or what? It was hard to get the picture from Ford's website to fit scaled rulers but I think I got close. I wish I had some scale elevation drawings to work from but this is the best I can do. I hope the readers who don't care about this part of the project will humor me and remember that one of the points of this blog (for me, anyhow) is to prove to Ford that it can be done. I posted some scribbly images of the same stuff a few days ago but I though this stab at a scale drawing would shed some light on the subject. I described the details of how all this could work in that post so I won't repete myself here. That's me, by the way, in my martian costume. It was the best head to toe picture I could find that would make this a little less boring.

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