Tuesday, January 26, 2010

flint and tinder at dawn, Valley of Fire, part two

Up with the ping-a-ling of my watch alarm, we scrambled into the car to drive a short bit to the center of the main valley. The stars had just faded, and we ate a breakfast snack waiting for the orange light. The new landscape is hard to catch and the photos that mrs. a-go-go took the next morning are better. Once the dawn was cooking we moved on to Fire Canyon after driving a side road that was originally laid to reach a film set location. Fire Canyon, Rainbow Canyon, and White Dome along this road all have contrasting layers and humps of red, orange, and white stone. We had the road to our selves well into the morning. Before we saw another car we had hiked through a small slot canyon, had a full breakfast, visited the ruins of the film set, taunted some chipmunks, and were ready for a nap.

All before 10 a.m.


  1. Do you know what film the set was for? Those pictures are awesome (as always)!!!

  2. There have been a bunch of movies filmed there but the set remains that we visited are from The Professionals in 1966.



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