Tuesday, January 12, 2010

(pretty) home on the road

Hi there! So, while mr. a-go-go works on the important things like organization and space, I've been thinking of the other important things like how to make a Transit Connect into home sweet home. If you have ever checked out my flickr page or my blog posts or even taken a meander though any of our camping picks, you may have noticed that I tend to go a leetle overboard in bringing pretty into the picture. Why not? Just because we're on the road and I'm living in my New Balance and Lees, doesn't mean I can't make a pretty bed or have happy cups to drink from.For the BIG ROAD TRIP however, I just may have to settle for pretty enough. There won't be room to bring multiple bed changings and there won't be room for more than a handful of t-shirts and skivvies. I'm not worried though. I can get creative...right?

No matter what, there will be a happy bed. Maybe I can squeeze in a couple of changes of pillowcases to mix it all up. Oooh, maybe I should make some pillowcases that are two-sided...and reversible. That would be space-saving and satisfy my need to pretty up. Excellent idea. I am so pleased.So, other than allowing for a pretty bed, how else can I bring home to our traveling home? Ooh, I know, curtains! Our landlord threw out two refrigerators and mr. a-go-go jigged right on over to 'em to pull out the magnet strips that hide inside the doors. His plan is to use them to hold curtains over the windows and windshield so we don't have all sorts of lookie-loos lookie-looing in while we snooze and snore (yep, I am a major snoring-snorie sort) away. So if we're gonna have non-traditional curtain, I and my pseudo sewing skills can surely make something kicky and vintagey. Yay, two ways of infusing some color into the car.

Okay, bedding...check. Curtains...check. Oh and there's the chicken rug that will act as our welcome mat, gotta have one of those and one that is handmade with a chicken on it surely will keep things purdy (no eye-rolling please...or just wait until the end, okay?).Other than that, I'm not sure. Lights may be involved. You know, like twinkle lights only the non-twinkling kind. Music is a given of course. I may need to upgrade my very old, slighlty fading iPod though. There is a lot of music I will want to have on hand. Can't go traveling without her or him or them or her. The ukes will travel with us of course. Mayhaps I'll finally get the strumming part down. What else?

Oh yeah, the Transit itself. See, if we can get sponsorship in a Transit we're certain we can make it as homey and nifty and purdy as a Teardrop or other small campervan thing. And while we have been thinking of the outside of our Transit we're really not picky you know because we're kinda asking for someone (Ford) to give us one. And if they give us one, we will graciously accept it decked out with logos, information and what have you. All we really would like for the outside is a poster board sized rectangle filled in with chalkboard paint that we can write our destinations and stops on. How cool would that be? So what say you Ford...think we can work something out?

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