Saturday, January 23, 2010

we jump in pretty places

and sometimes, not so pretty...

Taking interesting pictures while on the road isn't necessarily too difficult. Sometimes the view just presents itself and you snap, snap. snap away. If you head over to flickr and type in say...Mono Lake. You will suddenly find yourself faced with thousands of photos...forty-three plus to be exact(ish). Photo after photo of sunsets and sunrises behind those fabulous tufas. Since everyone else seems to have taken the very same (even better) picture, we a-go-gos jump.

Our first big jump was on the day we "eloped". We now do that same jump every year on our anniversary. Though, knowing that we're leaving L.A., I guess we'll have to find a new jumping spot...with fountain.

After that...I became a bit of a jumping fiend. Making poor Mr.a-go-go jump most everywhere. It's fun, it's different, it's a little bit tiring but it always makes for a great picture.

We've jumped in the Valley of Fire.

Death Valley.


In front of Circus Circus.

We've jumped together...


and with friends (some of whom we had just met)...

So, what say you. Will you jump with us?


  1. How do you catch yourself jumping? And how do you manage to jump so high? I would think you must take LOTS of pictures to get the right one.

  2. we do have to jump a couple times before getting it "just" right. it also helps to angle the camera lower to trick the eye on the horizon...;)



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