Sunday, January 3, 2010

where to go, when?

Plan, plan, plan. Worry, worry, worry. If you read this blog for a while you'll notice right away the differences between me and mrs. a-go-go. I'm the planner, she's the dreamer. I'm the technical engineer nut, she's the blog savvy photographer. She's Ernie I'm Bert.

Above is the little book and absurdly tiny pencil I keep in my pocket. After only a few days of seriously thinking about this big trip we're planning (hoping to be on the road for six months) my little book already contains 20 pages of categorized lists of stuff I worry over. And how about that tiny pencil?! Yes, I get guff for it all the time, nearly every time it comes out of my pocket, BUT it is always there for me and no one ever walks off with it. Getting a taste of my personality yet? No, really, I'm not this bad in person.

So the first page of my little book is naturally "budget". Money is a thing I'll be mentioning over and over on this blog as we are doing this on a shoe string. Cooking on the engine, that's not just for the hell of it. I think of it as very green and very thrifty (yes, I like to think of my self as thrifty not miserly). I'm dead serious. Whatever vehicle we decide to take on this trip will have a small exhaust manifold oven built in. Why let all that heat go to waste when we can enjoy roasted red potatoes with onion, mushrooms, olive oil, salt and pepper at the next rest stop.

The second page of my book?... that says, "where to go, when." We need to plan our route and that means I could use any suggestions from anyone in the US or Canada. Do you have a favorite time of year or a favorite event that we shouldn't miss? I'd love to know about it. I have traveled but there are so many places that I have never been. I can use any and all input you may wish to offer. As of today we plan to travel all over the US and some of Canada from sometime in March to some time in October.

So... where to go? and when?


  1. What a great adventure. My word for this year is BRAVE. I think that is a good word for you too! I will check in occasionally and see where you are going.

  2. Well, you're welcome to stay with me if you come this way, and I might be able to hook you up with a place to stay in Denver. I'll start thinking about the places/things question.

  3. Have you read Charles Kuralt's America? You can listen to him read it as a book on tape.
    It has a lot of good information on which places are best to visit at different times of year and why. He picks his favorite place to spend each month of the year.



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