Monday, January 4, 2010


Yup folks, you read that right, Ford has rejected our application for sponsorship. Excuse us while we take a moment to run around the casa sighing our heaviest of sighs and woeing our heaviest of woes. Drats!

Okay, I know, I know, this doesn't mean we can't take the trip and this doesn't necessarily mean we won't be in a Ford Transit Connect. I think the form letter we were required to fill out is probably mined with spots for keywords and all that hullabaloo and well, since we're not like most folks, our keywords don't match. What can we do to get their attention. What can we do to convince them it would be worth their while to sponsor us on our trip? Any ideas? Oooh, maybe we should hold a blog drive of sorts and create some sort of button or post to collect comments in our favor. Do you think that would work? It might if we had all my scrumdillydilly and scrumdilly-do followers but this blog here is a newbie with um, not so much fanfare. (But we do love each and every one of you followers, we do!)

Does anyone know anyone at Ford? Does anyone wanna send me a lottery ticket? See, we've checked out all sorts of cars. We've took them on test drives and crawled around the back and checked under the hood to see if we could cook there and all that and out of all those cars, we like the Ford Transit Connect the best. And as it stands we could by a Transit Connect but then we couldn't take our trip as all our savings would end up in a vehicle that was intended for adventuring but instead is schlepping groceries and vintage sheets and books and benches and stuff. (all together now...SIGH)

And see, when we do this trip, we're going to be writing about it. A Lot. We're gonna be blab blab blabbing away about this nifty place or that nifty place and we're going to be talking about the car we're in and what works and what doesn't and so on. So you may be hearing all about the Kia Rondo or the Honda Element instead of the Ford Transit Connect. Okay, I'm officially a little bit bummed right now. I guess it's back to the drawing board.


  1. That is just stinky of them. You know, I see these things all over here & yet had no idea they were Ford. Is there any chance they could give y'all maybe a really good discount??? Another thing, maybe w/ clearing stuff out, sell, sell, sell. Advertise through Scrumdillydilly & have lotsa bake sales & car washes. It'll all be good. I have faith :)

  2. Darnit! That being said - I LOVE my Honda element and would highly recommend it for a road trip! I'll be "following"....

  3. I may have missed this, but did you offer to have the car painted with someone's mission or service, or company name? It seems like some company out there would be willing to sponsor your trip if you advertise about them as you drive down the highway of life. Then as you go through each town, get the local media to put you on the air or in the paper. I think it would be a good marketing gimmick for someone.



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