Thursday, June 24, 2010

DC: a lot of ground to cover

and we only made it to three museums.

The Smithsonian:

The Natural History Museum:

The National Gallery of Art:

we also hit up the Washington Monument:

and the Lincoln Memorial:

hot dogs were scarfed, inhalers were lost, wheezing was wheezed, walking was walked, raindrops dropped and we made it back to the motel in one piece. phew! i wish we had more time...there's a lot to see in DC!


  1. We spent a few days in DC last summer and there is almost too much to see. It is great that everything is close-by and FREE!

  2. Lost inhaler!!!!!????
    (Actually, as I type that, I'm imagining a Dharma Initiative logo: LOST Inhaler)

  3. Too bad you couldn't stay longer. I just took my 8th grade trip to DC, and it was amazing.

  4. S, that's funny. I was a LOST nut too.

    J/J: Love D.C. The heat during the summertime is KILLER! Actually, where we are may be even hotter (right now).

    Loving the photos and stories. Be safe and keep on jumpin'!!! :)

  5. I love that jumpy photo with Abe. That might be one of my faves of you both!



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