Thursday, June 3, 2010

just in case

any of you think you might want to jump with us, meet up or give a squeeze, we thought we would let ya know where we plan to be and when...**

from june 4-15 we'll be traveling all over Georgia and the Carolinas so if anyone ('cept you L.T., we're planning on bugging you) is in our path please let us know, we'd love to make yer acquaintance.

6/16 Baltimore
6/18-20 New Jersey (mermaid parade & jenny, whoot!)
6/21-25 Poughkeepsie & Kingston and of course we'll hit up NYC
6/25-6/28 Rhode Island
6/28-7/1 Hatfield, Ma

we were hopping to find a nifty small town fourth of july in MA or somewhere super close if not we'll be crossing over into Canada on July 2 or so.

7/5-9 Montreal & Toronto
7/9-12 Chelsea, Michigan (or as long as you'll have us Lynn!)

after that we hit Chicago and i really want to hit Jefferson City in Missouri so we'll see and then it's open, open, open until we scoot into Portland, Or where I hope our Portland friends will want to hug us and take photobooth pics. From Portland we will travel down into California and we will of course stop in Santa Crus but please let us know if you are in our path and want to visit, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet ya!

K.I.T and have a bitchin' summer!

**and of course this all is open for change. we may stay longer in some places or shorter depending on how much you like us. wink. wink.


  1. Trying to convince my mum to move so we'll be in your path... so far it's not working. Although she did say she'd love to meet you, hey, its progress. Be safe

  2. while on your way through NC you should definitely go to Mount Airy (home town of Andy Griffith.) it is a hoot & my mom has always sung the praises of Boone.

  3. Hooray for turtle savers! The ozarks sound so beautiful. Lovin your trip. Keep on jumping, go-go's!!

  4. on your way west you might hit some of the Laura Ingalls Wilder hotspots (I just read this great article in Family Fun magazine June/July 2010 issue) from Pepin, Wisconsin to De Smet, South Dakota there are museums and plum creek to wade!

    I thought the best sounding thing was the rent a covered wagon turned cabin for 50 bucks a night at the Ingalls Homestead Campground (

    I sooo want to do it and heck you are crossing the country....maybe it is on your list already....lots more hot spots in the article

    I would love to see you jump in Plum Creek!!!

    save travels!!!!

  5. We do not know our plans for the summer yet. Depending on when you come to Cali, we might be at the apartment in SF or maybe back at the house in Fresno. If you want to see Yosemite, then a trek through the central valley would bring you close to Fresno.

  6. Yeah, we are "gonna get bugged" by Mr/Mrs A-Go-Go, folks!!! :) Hoping my California bones can make the "jump" in this awfully humid Georgia weather.
    I can do it.

  7. OMG! when you head through the bay area, we have *got* to hang out! keep me posted, ok? xoxoxo and safe travels, my friends!



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