Thursday, June 3, 2010

trouble with ol’ PBG4

5/30 The Apple Store in Oklahoma City

Last night there we were, far from home and near totally dependent on a G4 Apple Power Book for all our photography editing, posting, and other internet needs. Sure as shootin’ it goes and catches a virus something awful. The system log contains an endless scary list of “crash/dump” this and “restart” that, the camera can’t upload photos, the menu bar is doing wacky things, wi-fi is a distant memory... Ak! what are we to do?

To our good fortune we find that Oklahoma City has an Apple Store at the mall, they are open on Sunday, and they have an appointment available in the afternoon. We spent the first part of Sunday having visit with friends in Norman, just south of Oklahoma City, and planned to see what the geniuses at the Apple Store could do for us in the afternoon. We walk in and a blue shirted junior genius checked us in quickly typing in a brief description of mrs. a-go-go holding her sick laptop, “green shoes, striped socks, red ponytails, wild colored dress over jeans.... you know, Pippy Longstockings type.” so that when our appointment came up the consulting genius from the back of the room could identify her. Soon enough, Erick, was on the case and after we described the problem he told us what they could try to do. He was pretty confident that a system reload would do the trick and if that was the case we might be able to have the laptop back in an hour. If that failed the problem could be much deeper and involve replacing hardware, but luck was with us and Erick made our laptop happy again in just under an hour. The store was crowded and busy but the folks there made our lives so much easier, and the service was free even though the warrantee period was long over. Now I expect we would have had something to pay if the problem had been more serious, but I never thought we’d get away so easy.

Thank you Apple for taking care of us. Getting the original system disks from home and all the messing about would have knocked our trip off the rails. We were figuring we’d have to quit posting and have to write about the trip after we got home until Erick got us straightened out. We also got to spend an hour playing Lego Batman.


  1. Llion's, tiger's, and bears, oh my! I am so happy Apple was on the spot.

  2. Apple is just the best. I love their genius boys (why are they always guys, and cute ones at that?). Why anyone would buy a PC is waaay beyond me.



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