Friday, June 18, 2010

south of the border

NOT down mexico way...
oh South of the Border, you held promise in your very being. i imagined a slightly downtrodden adventure with faded leftovers of your glory days and instead we found a place that was hot, hot, hot and more than downtrodden (and horrifficly un-pc). frightful really. i expected it to be bad in a b-movie kind of way i did. i shouldn't have been surprised it was seedier than a fat watermelon. yet, i am satisfied we hit ya (thanks Bob!) and i bought (too) many postcards to prove it and a plastic dancing donkey toy and a gingerale...if only i remembered to bring out the duaflex. eeps! still, it has major kitsch appeal, someone get in there and kitsch it up please!i knew we were in for it when the billboards began to appear. much like The Thing in arizona, the more signs the more yer likely to find yerself in a room with a fake two-headed turtle (not that is what The Thing is, i'm just guessing it's something sad like that).Pedro's diner is more awful than awful. if you hit South of the Border, don't eat here, just don't. do bring a camera, sure it's cheezeriffic but you can't beat large gorillas and turquoise jackalopes. oh and there are fireworks a plenty so stock on up. other than that make sure you drive (or walk) the short block over to North Carolina and capture the moment...hey, you could even stand in both states at once! South of the Border on Roadside America and Wikipedia

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  1. Gotta say I'm a fan of the cheese factor. Be safe.



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