Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bakery dance hall

5/29 Ingrid’s Bakery

We just had to go. After a brief description of the regular Saturday afternoon crowd at Ingrid’s Bakery in Oklahoma City, we just had to. Ingrid’s is a longstanding tradition in Edmond, where you’ll find German schnitzel and bratwurst fare for lunch, fresh baked breads and pastries, and on Saturdays from noon to 2 pm a live band playing swing, polka, waltz, and mambo for a crowd of eager dancers. Now the majority of people on the small dance floor are at least in their sixth decade, but the band draws a few families and some youngsters who want to learn to dance with a partner. Kitty, the singer with the band, belts out the hits and keeps the dancing couples coming back for more.

We had hoped that Ingrid’s would still be serving breakfast fare at 11 am when we arrived but they had moved on to the lunch menu. Unfazed we sampled the smoked bratwurst and sauerkraut sandwich (delicious) and the grilled three cheese sandwich (also delicious). Then we moved on to a selection of cookies and pie, all were serviceable but not thrilling except for the tasty peanut butter cookies. The restrooms are wall papered with German newspapers to remind even those in need of rest of the German food they came for what they came for.

mrs. a go-go was eager to join the gang on the dance floor but I was reluctant for a bit. I just wasn’t ready to step on the heels and toes of the senior couples filling the floor. Naturally, when I saw our chance for a little space, then mrs. a-go-go was reluctant. Nonetheless we took a chance and had a bit of swing through the next two numbers.

If you think you can keep up with Kitty and the hoofers at Ingrid’s don’t miss it the next time you’re wondering what to do on a Saturday afternoon in Oklahoma City.


  1. Yay, glad to see some camp in OK! I wonder how many in the crowd were born and raised in OK? Wunderbar!

  2. haha... what fun! german newspapers!!!
    take care, you two!
    send you some hugs!
    xo... nic

  3. I love seeing how happy you two are... glad you are having such a good time. Be safe.



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