Thursday, June 10, 2010

not a fried peanut butter sandwich in sight

yup folks, we went to Graceland!what can i say about Graceland? it isn't cheap but it's a hoot. from the moment you put the headphones on until you pull them off it's a hoot.Graceland proper isn't overly large. you only get to tour the first floor and basement of the house but believe me when i say it's enough. from stained glass windows to poodle wallpaper to white monkeys, Elvis' home is a fine example of early seventies decor. you walk through the home at your own pace. pressing the green forward button on my headset control i couldn't help but be amused by the songs chosen as background for each section of the tour. it was very well thought out and delightful for those of us who do love us the king's music.
the jungle room is awesome. all the rooms are. i even thoroughly enjoyed touring the back of the house and office space. especially the swingset. it reminded me of my childhood.after that you get a peek at all the gold records Elvis was awarded. there is an entire hall full of them. it felt a bit willy wonka to me.the final room you enter has a cathedral ceiling that appears to stretch on and on. there is a trio of Las Vegas costumes set in glass and you feel a sense of finality. i got a little weepy. just a little. after all, i'm here mostly as a tribute to my mamos who loved Elvis Presley not unlike how some folk love The Beatles or Oingo Boingo (ahem). i grew up watching Elvis movies. i learned to dance from watching Clambake over and over again and was sorely sad when i found that no one dances like that anymore...well, save for me, even at my old goth club hangouts. Elvis even taught me to swim...sort of. it was his serenade to the young girl who was afraid to slide down the slide in Clambake that convinced me i could do it. no foolin'. i was watching the flick one weekend on Family Film Festival and decided it was time for me to have some CONFIDENCE myself. so, into my bedroom i marched to wrestle myself into my brown and orange swimsuit. after flying down the stairs and down the path to the pool i jumped in without hesitation. i was eight and i owe it all to Elvis.the tour ends with a solemn walk through the meditation garden where Elvis is buried along with other family members. he truly is and was a legend, a true American legend. in celebration of our love of Elvis and to think of him with a smile on our faces, we made a quick pit stop to the front of Graceland where we of course...jumped!


  1. What a sweet post! I've never been but would LOVE to go to Graceland! Are you eating any bbq in Memphis?

  2. What an awesome way to spend an hour or two! My mom cried when she found out Elvis died.

  3. great jump and soooo hoping there were bench monday shots taken on those white metal benches!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr. a-go-go!!!!!
    We wish we could have been at Graceland with you! Hope you enjoyed it. We are donating some gas for your birthday. Hope it takes you to great places!
    Love, Nephew a-go-go, Sister a-go-go and brother a-go-go

  5. oh my gosh how i love this post!
    AND the robot play structure in the background of "Confidence"!!!!!

  6. My mum got me hooked on Elvis early on. I'd fall asleep every night to 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You' and when Mr. Gagan was mean to me we danced to 'Jailhouse Rock.' Yeah, I'm an Elvis kinda guy.



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