Friday, June 18, 2010

last chance to win a pstyle!

if yer thinking you need one of these sweeties leave a comment and tell us about yer most ridiculous incident in which one would have really, really come in handy. there are some GREAT stories coming in and it is gong to be crazy hard to choose. i have four to give away so we'll pick the top eight and pull names form a hat. if you don't manage to get yerself one here, please visit krista's cups and order up a round, the price is really right at $12 a pop, you may find yerself buying them for all yer friends!


  1. I'm in a wheelchair and love to camp, but 9 times out of ten there isn't an accessable bathroom around. So once when I was a kid my mom had the brilliant idea that the two foot rests on my wheelchair were fine for a "seat" so to speak. First off here is the thing, metal footrests are COLD, secondly trying to sit on them my wheelchair kept tipping forward so when I to "go" you know things did not go where they should. The great thing is we just laughed our heads off at the whole thing till we were nearly crying. You do what ya gotta do! I'd definitely give a pstyle a shot on future camping and outdoor trips!

  2. fullnovembermoon gets my vote, sorry mate I don't count, but I loved your story.



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