Saturday, June 5, 2010

ode to the ozarks

after settling in for the night in our day-glo tent, we awoke bright and early to the dulcet gobble-gobble of a wild turkey peppered with the mad cackling of a pileated woodpecker. after a round of cereal we crossed the bridge and began the short hike up to eden hike anywhere in the ozarks, we a-go-gos need to head out as early as possible, otherwise the beastly humidity has us melting in our shoes. it wasn't terribly hot but the sticky was super duper icky and we really wanted to see the green that was all around us. after passing through a multitude of spider webs, we came to a fork in the path that directed us towards the falls. having rained somewhat recently we were hoping for something spectacular. luckily we were able to adjust our expectations when the roar we were expecting sounded more like a fountain from the americana in glendale than a roaring waterfall.still, it was very pretty. the ozarks are as lush as lush can be. the greens are potently green and the air is thick with it. one of the benefits of heading out early is getting to hear all the birds sing their morning songs. so we meandered along, enjoying the moss, the tunes and the scenery.after our tiny hike that seemed not-so-tiny (oh the humidity!), we packed up camp and headed out, stoping along the way for an apple snack along Little Buffalo Creek where we enjoyed jumping fish, dozens of butterflies, a multitude of dragonflies and the company of each other (and a few skeeters that seem to think i am quite tasty).


  1. Too bad the waterfall was a water trickle. Glad you're enjoying your trek :)

  2. What a special place. Hearing and seeing it along with you.

  3. Looks beautiful... sigh. Be safe.



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