Saturday, June 26, 2010

dupont circle, a little more of DC

just a smidge more. while in DC, we got to hang out with flickr friend and fellow crafter Barbara aka craftsy and her brother mike.bright and early we caught the shuttle to the metro and hopped a couple of trains to Dupont Circle. after breakfast we wandered and chatted and wandered some more. we were out early enough we beat the heat. we envied architecture, checked out bicycles and saw a black squirrel.goodness but do i love me some row houses...having our fill and needing to get stuff done (like this blog post) we hopped our two trains back and said our see-you-laters. DC was great fun, even better meeting friends!


  1. I think folks (certainly I) forget that D.C. is its own city with its own mayor. Which really seems to me to add to its split personality. When I was living there, it had a drug-addled, corrupt Mayor, and offically had the highest murder rate in the nation. In the nation! The neglected public school system, the low-income housing projects, the homeless, the drug-related crime were all in such stark contrast to the the formal architecture, modern Metro stations, and French-y urban design. Does craftsy live within the Beltway? What was her perspective? I'm so so so hoping things have gotten better for the peoples who live right IN D.C.

  2. I remember when we lived in Friendly Hills and I thought I saw a black squirrel. Turns out my squirrel was a skunk, to this day I still hate tomato juice.



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