Wednesday, June 9, 2010

make way for (grown up) ducklings

when we arrived in arkansas, we stopped for a bathroom break at the welcome center near the border. while mr. a-go-go was taking care of business, i poked my head into the air conditioned welcome center and was greeted by a chipper arkansan in ranger-like gear. not only did she give me a warm welcome, but she handed over a very large stack of guide books and maps. after chatting a little and looking at various maps with her, mister poked his head in and we headed off to the buffalo river.after we adventured all over highway 7 we drove off towards Little Rock in search of a motel. as we drove i perused the many guides our welcome wagon had given us and i kept returning to page 105 where a tiny paragraph mentioned something about the Peabody Ducks. this i HAD to see and after much bugging and tiny compromises we came up with a plan. the next morning we would hit the Toltec Mounds and then hurry off to downtown Little Rock to watch the ducks waddle down the red carpet into the fountain. (the ducks began their march in memphis but now each Peabody has their own set)in my head, all i could think of was Make Way for Ducklings and when we got to the Peabody I rushed a young concierge and pressed him for details. sure enough, at 11am everyday, the duckmaster details the origin of the ducks.after an introduction, a mini ceremony of dubbing two young honorary duck masters and the beginning notes of John Philip Sousa's King Cotton March, the Duckmaster and honorary duckmasters hit the elevator to gather the ducks.seeing a crew of ducks bobbing their heads up and down in the shiny glass elevator was probably the best part, most humorous at least. i did however grow teary when the two young boys got their certificates and thought how could would it be for ander & za to be dubbed duck master as well.if you live near a Peabody Hotel, check out the Duck March, it may not be a long march but it is sure to make you smile, ducks are funny.


  1. This is probably the only experience I will have in common with you, get ready... I am a honorary duck master! When I was 10 my mum had a shoot and we stayed at the Peabody and this wonderfully dressed man inducted (sorry) me as "Duck Master." I swear I'm putting it on my college apps.



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