Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AGO a-go-go and a very colorful walk

we spent our second day in Toronto simply hanging out. the boys hit a trail for a wee bit of a hike (longer than i would care to go) while us girls decided to make skirts. actually it was a skirt lesson and i learned how to stitch one up lickety split complete with zipper and biase tape waistband. yes, i know. i now rock...at skirtmaking at least. so day two was nice and lazy with good times, good tunes, a movie and nifty eats.day three, we donned our fancy-pants new skirts, loaded up the adventure bag, grabbed the cameras and headed back to Toronto for a visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario and a wander through Chinatown to Kensington Market.the AGO is pretty nifty. the building itself is a spifferiffic design by Frank Gehry and emulates the lines of an enormous boat with wood the color of amber. it even smells pretty inside. the drama & desire exhibit was surprisingly interesting and pretty. i am not exactly a theater girl but enjoyed the show and the collection of paintings which included some Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. after many hours in the air conditioned museum with a pause here and there for photo ops and beverage breaks, we made our way outside into the sun for a walk to Kensington Market in search of lunch.chinatown in toronto is full of color as most chinatwons are. i think i snapped dozens and dozens of pictures and thought how lucky i was to be somewhere so colorful and then..then my friends we turned a corner near kensington market and i discovered an entirely NEW rainbow of color. talk about happy photo ops. i snapped left, right, up down and all around. it reminded me of venice beach, california what with the vintage shops and incense everywhere.as we got nearer to our food options we were delighted to find a gluten-free cafe and as our awesome hosts were gluten-free we waltzed right in and chow downed on some super tasty crepes. and i mean scarfity-scarfed. good stuff.we wandered a tad bit more but turned back when mr. a-go-go's ankle got the best of him. seems he twisted it or something the day before and was aching in a big way. so we turned ourselves down a new street and headed back to the car.i thought for sure montreal would be the end all, be all for me in canada but it turns out that i quite like toronto as well and am looking forward to planning many more visits to our friends to the north (and northeast) of us. thank you again my most fabulous of hosts, we had a fantabulous time and were sad, sad, sad to return to the states....that is until we hit this lady's place and were greeted with fresh picked blueberries, little red hen bread, homemade chocolate poundcake, raspberry jam and cracked wheat goodness...oh my!


  1. Those lanterns (?) in the trees (?) were great. I'll take one in every color. Be safe.

  2. I'm so jealous of your trip- the photos, the traveling to new places and of course the people you're visiting!!



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