Sunday, July 11, 2010

a fresh dose of massachusetts and more berry picking

and some delightfully good company...when my allergies were crazy scary and i was wheezing more than breathing, mr. a-go-go asked me if i wanted to go home and while i did wish for a bed of my own and the comforts i had known there was no way i would go home early before getting to see my old l.a. friends who moved to massachusetts four or so years ago. it had been a long time and i missed them and couldn't wait to meet the wee ones.we made our way to their tiny town after picking up the newly driven powerbook (daisy) and drove through a wee bit of rush hour traffic hunting and searching for a welcome to sign that we never saw. drats!since we arrived in the evening we plopped right down for bed in our borrowed room and looked forward to the next day. the next morning i got to meet the boys and we took a walk around the neighborhood to pick up a dozen farm fresh, super fresh! after some running around and chatting we hopped into our respective autos and headed out for some blueberry picking. it was pie time! mama a made the pie and it was delicious as everything she does is amazing and simple. she's pretty nifty with a paintbrush as well and if yer into childrens books you may recognize her marks. love her style, love it!

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