Monday, July 5, 2010

an ezerdly good time

6/23 and 6/24

after our walk over the river, the mister and i took our second nap of the trip to prepare for one of our most anticipated visits. i was FINALLY going to get to meet my old nervousness friend and maker of robots, ezerd!

ezerd is a bot of all trades. she is her very own galaxy of fun and mayhem. whether she is drawing robots or planning fundays you will be sure to get drawn into her orbit. i knew it would be like we had always known each other and i was right! the moment we trekked on over to the shed for our first meet everything fell into place and our adventure began.

disclaimer-i was still in the throes of stupid allergies so our adventuring was done slowly and most of it was chatting but i tell it was GOOD stuff. after a round of robot drawing in the shed, we headed on over to the tiny town of Kingston for a mini tour and a shopping trip that involved the mister and i roaming ezerd's place picking out artwork and t-shirts for ourself. it was hard to choose as everything was and is so awesome but through her generosity we wrapped up some fishies and a robot and were ready to roll on out for a wandering of another tiny town, this one called rhinebeck. we wandered and moseyed and moseyed and wandered and stopped for lunch at bread alone which was awesome even if they were out of peanut butter cookies. soon enough it was time to pick up mr. ezerd and we headed out to a stunningly gorgeous outlook and gabbed away till pub time. tonight would be mr. a-go-go's first foray into trivia night so off we went. after platters of fried food, and a round of beverages we were ready to roll. in between questions, the house band took requests from a fat white binder that smacked of a karaoke bonanza. mr. a-go-go spent a few moments turning the pages and snuck of to see the band. after a cheeky dedication of hungry like the wolf to his special lady friend mr. a-go-go was ready to play along (super cheeky mind you, it was the most obnoxious song he could find that we could handle actually hearing). most of our answers for the trivia were wild guesses and slight calculations which paid of when we came in second...whoo-hoo! it was dark out and time for bed so we headed back to Nico's.

the next day we met up with ezerd in new paalts where she drove us through the tiny winding streets until we reached (the town of) Woodstock. just a tiny little curve of street, woodstock certainly has more tie dye than yer average town, it is also rife with urban hippies (young folk) puddled about with their dog packs waiting for you to notice them and yes, i meant that to sound snarkish (heehee). we were too early to hit the little art museum but not too early to wander into the most fantastic tiny toy store ever. it was as small as a toy store could be and yet i think we were there for an hour or so with some bubble time thrown in which of course was exhausting so we stopped in yet another bread alone for some peanut butter cookies and something cold to drink (yay!).

the rest of the day was more chatter and drinks. awesome smoothies in new paltz, watching bunnies hop about a three hundred year old cemetery, examining crazy tree fungi and taking a great many jumping shots. we ended our adventure with ezerd and her mister with a nighttime dinner of breakfast in a no fuss diner and it was great. we're already formulating ways to battling snow to be east coasters or kidnapping the pair, their two cats, an enormous amount of robot art and box after box of fun toys and steal them all away to california. sigh. good people make for the best of friends and we are so happy to have two new ones! thank you my friends, both of you!

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  1. Robots and fungi? What could be better!?! Be safe.



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