Wednesday, July 14, 2010

more good times in old mass...

july 6 & 7

the original plan was to hit Canada right after Massachusetts but an opportunity came to visit with my best friend from way way back in the eighties. we're talking junior high folks! and so, with much schmunking and emailing we managed to squeeze in a byway visit that was originally one day but became two because how do you not do that when you see someone you adore to pieces?

we didn't plan for much, just some quality time hanging out, talking, and looking at old yearbooks. i cannot explain how easy and comforting it was to see someone who was so important to me and who holds pocketfuls of moments that i thought i forgot about. i am so so so happy we headed her way!

but of course we did do a little something...

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  1. Good friends and good trails, what could be better? And you have to love any town that has a wall that shade of blue. Be safe.



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