Tuesday, July 27, 2010

of chickens and things

we loved visiting our friends on their farm in michigan. there was homemade bread, cake, cornbread and yogurt. we ate whipped butter with homemade jam on cracked wheat bread EVERY day.there was the jiffy tour and the chicken broil and a fairy door adventure.we picked blueberries and saw baby deer and got to see photos from a three month journey that happened a long time ago.there was fun and laughter. good eats and new skills attempted. there was also the meeting of the butterfly quilts and a wee bit of tree climbing thrown in.but i have to admit that even with so many cool things, the best part was meeting the chickens.


  1. hey nice blouse, chicken lady!

  2. Not quite sure what fairy door adventure is, but looks like fun. Be safe.

  3. beautiful farm photo. Looks so peaceful.



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