Sunday, July 25, 2010

urban fairies?

who knew? it seems that with all the building that has been going on in our great big world, there are a lot of fairies out there losing their forest homes and some of them have become city folk...**you can read more about this phenomenon here and here...

**the play dough seems to be an offering from a young group of girls. it seems they are not aware that fairies do NOT eat play dough...duh. the cool part is that there is a fairy theater but the tickets weren't spooled so we could get one and there is a shop as well though i am not sure what kind of fairy sells pennies and happy meal toys. i think ander and zaza can help the fairy awarenss a little...perhaps?


  1. eep! we read about this a few weeks ago! so so soooo cool. ander likes the one at the theater the best.

  2. Seriously need to read the posts in order... I knew I should have just commented on the chickens. You can never go wrong with chickens. Be safe.



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