Monday, July 19, 2010

t-t-t-t-time for toronto

7/10 & 7/11we arrived in toronto after a very long drive on a very long stretch of highway. we did not take the pretty route but the sky was blue and the clouds were puffy and rodney, thankfully, is air conditioned.our hosts provided us with excellent beverages, eats and vintage togged beds. after a crash for the night, we were up and on our way for a visit to sunday antique market, art exhibit and tour of a wee portion of the very large Toronto.we walked around the flea checking out vintage aprons, dishes and sunglasses and then moseyed our way to the art festival after a beverage stop where i sugared up on an iced cinnamon latte (thank you stacey for the giftcard)!i got to meet a most scrumdillyumptious ceramicist/potter and wished wished wished we had space (and cash) for trinkets. we walked and checked out the art until the temps grew warmer and we (um, i) were positively tired from the heat. it was time for a mall break and some french fries...or, if you were us, a serving of poutine as our montreal host really, really wanted for us to try it and so we did. and we liked it.stepping back outside we were surprised to find the sky darker than dark and so we decided we should probably head back to the car. we had a bit of a walk ahead of us. we detoured through yonge-dundas square where crowds and crowds were gathered in front of various pubs to catch the final game of the world cup.soon enough, big fat drops began to fall with a flash and a clap. yikes! luckily we weren't too far and so we made it just in time and drove a long way to home for a home cooked dinner and a round of mojito floats. so far, toronto is the awesome!


  1. Love this! Not sure what a mojito is, but usually like floats. Be safe.

  2. Figures that you're in Toronto (where I live) and I'm not there to meet you! I am in Cape Cod MA. I hope you're having a blast!! xo

  3. laurie-anne...super bummer! but if it makes you feel any better we are no longer in toronto but in illinois...;)



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