Monday, July 5, 2010

trekking across the river

6/23 Walkway over the Hudson

Wednesday we got out of bed with a schedule. Nico, our host, is a working gal and had a full day of papers to push a presentations to make but she had the morning open to join us on a sky walk over the Hudson River. Way back in 1888 the cantilevered steel truss bridge opened to rail road traffic and carried many tons of freight and passengers 210 feet above the river until 1974 when a fire destroyed the tracks. After a year of new construction and revamping the bridge opened to foot and bike traffic in 2009. Now it's a unique hike flying high above the water and over a large chunk of riverside Poughkeepsie (about 1.28 miles worth). After our stroll with the dog walkers, bicyclists, and strollers Nico had work responsibilities and we had a date in Kingston, NY to meet Ezerd at the shed of mystery.

Not really so mysterious... Ezerd, who mrs. a-go-go has known online since 2002 (but never met in person, until now!), was waiting for us in a six foot square shed studio at the Kingston Library. The small building supplied by Habitat for Artists which places the sheds in public locations where artists can open the tiny studios and collaborate with willing members of the public. Ezerd had been invited to participate in the project and had spent the last several hours inviting library patrons to swap artwork with her.

Ezerd easily recognized mrs. a-go-go as we crossed the parking lot and came out of her shed to welcome us to Kingston. I'll leave the rest of this part of the story to mrs. a-go-go, so stay tuned for the wild ride through the Hudson Valley.


  1. Any pictures of said bridge? Be safe.

  2. Should have read the post before this one... oops. Be safe.



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