Monday, May 31, 2010

artsy oklahoma

may 29
i suppose most people tend to think oklahoma doesn’t have much going for it more than twisters, sonic & red dirt. i used to think so too (except for that whole i-have-family-there part), until my pal jennifer and my sis guided us around town. we saw painted buffalo all over the place, murals and a banjo museum. the houses, big and small are made of brick and there is even an asian district where mr. a-go-go and i hunted out some banh mi and thai tea.there are more estate sales than you can shake a vintage salt shaker at and tiny farmers’ markets where sellers sell handmade baskets and felt.on saturday, after an awesome time at ingrid’s kitchen, we searched for a little adventure and thought we found it at the chuckwagon festival. sadly, we weren’t thrilled at the $18 entry fee so we wandered “home” for a nap and a dvd until it was time to meet up with friends at the paseo arts the festival there were tents and tents full of art that i was not allowed to photograph. seriously! i asked if i could take a picture of a doll and was told only if i shot the whole booth from far away. another vendor flat out told me no while yet another said she didn’t want her ideas stolen. instead, i took photos of the colorful buildings and the happy hillbilly band that busked itself silly. gotta remember to look them up on facebook, they were pretty nifty.i also happily snapped away at the fried food stands and my family because i never know when i will see them next.


  1. Those people in Oklahoma sure don't seem to be a friendly sort. Or, at least the ones you ran into. Too bad.

  2. Oh my gosh, you guys were here while I was out of town, what a bummer! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. oh no! the oklahomans we met were all nice save for them artists that didn't want their art photographed. they were nice about it if not unaware. :)

    and i thought of you rory while we were there...i figured you were out of town time!



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