Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fantastic sky and parking lot on the highway

5/14 Sedona to Cave Creek, AZ
Friday morning popped open with the puffy clouds in a dazzling blue sky that Thursday’s solid over cast lacked. We packed up camp for the drive to Cave Creek, just north of Phoenix, and struck out to the south with lots of stops along the way to catch the red rocks on their best backdrop, and a good cold dip in the river at Slide Rock State Park.We had to choose between Jerome or Prescott for a detour destination on our way south. mrs. a-go-go had been to Jerome before and so voted for a visit to Prescott, “everybody’s home town.” After the drop from the towering sandstone cliffs of the Kaibab formation we drove across the rolling hills of dry scrub and up the Prescott valley while the big clouds sprinkled big drops on our path. In Prescott we had lunch at Shannon's cheese cake and deli shop, but that will be in mrs. a-go-go's post. Our afternoon was rounded out with a long wait on the interstate. Due to construction the road turned into a parking lot so we took an unknown off ramp after two hours of crawling. Luck was with us and we eventually found an alternate route to Cave Creek where Tara Anderson welcomed us for a weekend visit.

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  1. So wish I was old enough to do something like this, but skateboarding, as fun as it is, just doesn't have the same appeal... is it possible to be jealous in a good way? Be safe.



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