Friday, May 21, 2010

pass to the cosmic wide open

3/19 El Paso to Marfa, Texas
El Paso did not give us a good first impression the day before. Traffic was especially crazy and impatient coming into town and the neighborhood where we landed was really very unappealing. Wednesday morning opened with our plan to head to Marfa right away and get out of what seemed like an unbearable city. The drive would only take three hours, and mrs. a-go-go had received a recommendation for a thrift store on the south side of town. She thought her wardrobe for the trip had come up short one solid color t-shirt, and maybe the stock at the thrift could fill the hole. It took a bit of hunting but we found the thrift. The detour took us through some more colorful and less hectic parts of town.We waited for the doors to open at 10am while watching a line form to get in the door... popular place, huh. Meanwhile people were actually gave a friendly, "Hola" as they passed. Shew! I'm glad the whole city isn't a crazy rushed hell-fire.

New wardrobe in hand we merged back onto I-10 east. The roads we had traveled up to this point had often made the car seem tiny in an ocean of hazy blue above and great wide tan canvas to the left and right. However, leaving the 10 at Van Horn to follow the 90 to Marfa the WIDE of West Texas curled back at the distant edges until we rode on the top of an enormous sphere. Really! I've never seen the curve of the earth like this with out riding an airplane to 20,000 feet. The picture at the top of the post cant take it all in. No picture ever could.

The flat rolled on until we reached the Marfa Welcome. We checked into El Cosmico, a swell place in Marfa where you can stay the night camping or in a yurt, tepee, or vintage trailer. mrs. a-go-go is working on a post describing El Cosmico so I'll leave it at that. We had time for a hammock nap and made dinner in the fading wide daylight.


  1. El cosmico kind of looks and sounds like a place I saw in some movie, ages ago......glad you got some rest!!!

  2. Hey let us know if you see the famouse Marfa lights. I hear that town is famous for regularly seen "unexplained" lights. Love the blog1

  3. was thrift store in marfa or in el paso?

  4. it was pretty nifty but we didn't see the lights... thrift was in el paso...just like any l.a. thrift but color arranged...;)

  5. So glad you guys hit Marfa & enjoyed it. I have to say El Paso is one of my least fave cities in a State I dearly love. Mucho glad you found a thrift. I like a good thrift that is color arranged, makes it easy to find what you are looking for even if a little confusing style & size wise. See ya soon!!!

  6. So very cool!!! Gotta go to school be back soon!



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