Friday, May 7, 2010

mojo needed

hey folks! we could use al lthe good mojo you can spare. we don't officially hit the road until monday but it looks like that may not happen. maybe. poor sad rodney.

remember how, when yo uwere a kid and you knew you would be going to Disneyland or some other awesome place and how up until you had your hand wrapped around a stack of e tickets, you never reallythought you would get there? that's how i'm feeling about this trip. we're so close yet so far and it seems there are so many obstacle in our way. i have had constant butterflies fluttering about my insides and i feel as if we're always going to be stuck. if only we were able to buy the Transit. sure, we could buy one now but then there would be no funds for actual adventuring. aack! we're stuck and we're losing our spirit for this whole kooky scheme. sned us mojo please. we and rodney could really use it.

great big hugs and thank yous to those of you who have contributed to the gas fund. you are loved as loved canbe and we aprreciate you greatly (you know who you are)!

and now, back to a very packed Rodney with wonky bits and leakyfluids. keep yer fingers crossed!


  1. Sending good mojo your way! Cant wait to see you!

  2. I think it's super cool that you are getting all your snag and bad luck over with before the trip start! It's going to be OK, I can't wait to read about you being on the road and all

  3. not to be a downer, but maybe life is telling you there are better choices you should be making. maybe there is a reason you aren't suppose to go on this trip. think of all the many things you could do with all of your savings.i'm just saying.

  4. I'm sending Rodney lots of good mojo -- I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  5. The tricky things about signs is you never know where they're coming from. I know I may not be the most credible one to give advice on life, but I am going to anyway. You shouldn't just follow the course where everything falls into place. Life is meant to be an adventure, it is meant to be lived with everything you have. One day at a time folks, and Mr. and Mrs. Go-GoS I can't imagine your spirit will be lost for long. I love Disney, but what are e tickets and how do you get them?

  6. Ack! to the anonymous message above. Don't give up now! So much planning and prep completed shouldn't go to waste. You have done good planning and it will be worth it in quadruple spades.

  7. Shake off that feeling. It's just buyer's remorse. You can do this. You haven't come this far to back out now. Get on the road, see how far Rodney will take you. Don't borrow trouble.

  8. I'm so excited for you guys! You're not jumping without chutes--you have each other and lots of people who CAN'T WAIT to see you during your grand tour. Don't let Rodney get you down.

  9. MO-JO!
    the zameander three send all their love and wanderlust out there!

    And in the words of the immortal Albus Dumbledore "we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."

    xoxoxoxoxo and a bottle of rum and a tank of gas,



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