Monday, May 3, 2010

what have we done?!

what have we done?
Gadzooks! what trauma! what tribulation! packing and moving is a bear. I can't believe we managed all that mess into boxes and got most of it (excluding a big yard sale, four car loads to goodwill, friends taking bits of furniture, a pile of junk for the bulk pick up, and completely filling ALL of the trash cans at our little bungalow court... the neighbors will curse us) stacked to the rafters in the back corner of the garage at mama a-go-go's house. Now I have to do a mess of maintenance work on Rodney (the car), tidy up our itinerary plan, and organize the stuff that is going with us.

Lots of things are in place but we're not done preparing yet. All the official address changes have been made, our temporary medical insurance is in place, and we seem to have worked out the kinks in all the electronic junk and their individual charging and battery needs. None the less, one of the most important items is a work in progress... our mental state. It has yet to come to terms with what we are doing. I am sleeping soooo much better after making a quick recovery from being gainfully employed, and after jumping the hurdle of packing and storing the stuff, crap, and junk. Even so, I am gripped with the lingering doubt of, "good heavens! what have we done?" I just have to believe the feeling will fade when we get on the road. (that and I must learn to shave with a razor again after years of electric convenience. Have to say it didn't go so smooth this morning. I packed away my old plug-in Norelco to eliminate one more electric gadget from our equipment.)

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